Monocotyledonous Plants

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Military Orchid, Flower BoS 14/10 Military Orchid, Flower
Orchis militaris, enlarged 13 times, in SOMSO-PLAST® After Prof. Dr. W. Weber. The model depicts the complicated structure of an orchid...
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 Garden Tulip, Flower BoS 15/2 Garden Tulip, Flower
Tulipa gesneriana, enlarged approximately 4 times, in SOMSO-PLAST®. After Prof. Dr. W. Jung. One half of the corolla can be removed to...
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Tulip Bulb BoS 15/3 Tulip Bulb
Tulipa gesneriana, enlarged approximately 5 times, in SOMSO-PLAST®. The model shows a longitudinal section of the structure of a...
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Rye Spikelet BoS 15/5 Rye Spikelet
Secale cereale, enlarged approximately 25 times, in SOMSO-PLAST®. After Prof. Dr. W. Jung. Separates into 7 parts. The grass spikelet...
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