Model of the Carcass of a Pig

2/3 of its natural size, made from special plastic. Developed in collaboration with the Bavarian Institute for Animal Breeding in Grub near Munich. The model shows the carcass of a porker that was slaughtered when it weighed 100 kg. Special features are the length of the body, the ample amount of meat and the low fat content. The model fundamentally complies with the method generally recommended by the German Agricultural Society (DLG) - "simplified DLG method of cutting". For that reason, it is of relevance for all areas of the Federal Republic of Germany and spans the methods of cutting up slaughter pigs used in different parts of the country, which are not always uniform. In total, the model separates into 8 parts. The essential parts of the carcass (ham with shank and foot, pork flare fat, fillet, loin with back fat, shoulder with shank and foot, belly with dewlap, neck with neck bacon, and head) can be demonstrated individually. Lines are drawn on to indicate further partitioning. On a stand with green base.
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