17th July 1876: Foundation of the company
in Sonneberg, Thuringia by Marcus Sommer
Senior, born 14th November 1845


In Sonneberg Marcus Sommer Senior
began to produce anatomical teaching
models made of paper mâché


A comprehensive collection of fruit models
produces in agreement with the German
"Pomologenverein" (fruit experts)


Continuation of the fungi model collection of
H. Arnoldi, Gotha, since 1871 and the
development of a collection of plastic fungi
models with more than 240 models today


1st January 1895: Fritz Sommer born
27th December 1879, inherits his
father's business


Production of an extensive range
of heat resistant moulages in co-operation
with University Institutes in Jena.


Scientific co-operation and consultancy begins with Paul Hagedorn, principal preparator at the Anatomical Institute Leipzig


Good business relations have been existing
with Messrs. Adam,Rouilly Ltd. London
since 1927. Marcus Sommer jr. was able
to win over this customer in England


15th April 1929: Modeller, Max Doehler,
born 13th June 1905 in Schalkau, enters the
company. During his 52 years with the company
the range of anatomical, zoological and botanical
models is extended and improved