HS 23

Lobule of the Lung with Additional Model Pulmonary Alveoli

1. Lobule of the lung: enlarged approx. 150 times, in SOMSO-Plast®. Representation of lobule with arterial and venous circulation and bronchial branches. One acinus open to show the alveolar duct. 2. Model of an adjacent alveolus: enlarged approx. 1000 tmes, in SOMSO-Plast®. Representation of the alveolar wall, its vessels, the epithelial cover and the elastic and muscular elements. The separate passage of the arterial and venous vessels is clearly visible at this magnification. In one piece. On a stand with green base.


- Weight: 2,5 kg

- Length: 16 cm

- Width: 48 cm

- Height: 43 cm

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