QS 10/13GA-FLS

Artificial Human Skeleton, female

Same specification as QS 10/13GA, however additionally with: pectoral girdle flexibly mounted, right fastening of upper arm and right fastening of thigh flexibly mounted, pectoral support flexibly mounted, detachable shaft, right hand and right foot flexibly mounted on 3-mm rubber band, ligamentous apparatus with elastic ligaments and meniscus from NS 50 mounted on the right knee. Boom with small fastening fork for the sacral bone and large fastening fork for the pectoral support in the region of Th 4. Upper third of the boom (21.5 cm) is detachable for additional movement function of the head and the cervical spine region. left arm and left leg are conventionally detachably mounted as with the skeleton QS 10/7.


- Weight: 11 kg

- Length: 55 cm

- Width: 55 cm

- Height: 180 cm

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